Business partners = successful recruiting

A prospective client recently asked me a key question “how do you build partnerships with your hiring managers’ bosses?”  A topic of this magnitude is worth taking a few moments to reflect upon.

Successful recruiting requires that trusting relationships be built with all of my peers, direct reports, co-workers, hiring managers, hiring manager’s boss, administrative assistants, background vendors, and everyone around my work product.  If I leave anyone out of the loop my offers might get dusty awaiting someone’s attention.

Finding out my partners’ calendar preferences is crucial.  Do they prefer email, phone, face to face, or a simple invitation to read my blog to keep the communication open?  Whatever mode works for them, I figure it out and use it.  Having quick meetings with specific subjects in mind on a regular basis is a great way to build relationships, but be careful as too many meetings may get you labeled a time waster.  By working around other people’s schedule and valuing their time I build trusting business partnerships and this enhances my talent acquisition capabilities.  What about the executive that is too busy to meet with me but would like to know what is going on?

Some of my partners are too far up the ladder to meet with me on a regular basis.  For these very important people I send them a short email with a link to my blog.  It is surprising how many senior vice presidents will take the time to read a brief blog; they appreciate knowing what is going on in talent acquisition.   For example:

Dear SVP:

Check out my article “business partnering and its effect on recruiting”, only 285 words! Regards, Joe~~

I have considered her time by keeping it short and sweet.  By keeping the communication line open and taking other peoples’ schedules into consideration I have shown that I value their time and vice versa.  People begin to understand how I think, how I work and most importantly they begin to trust me.

Talent acquisition is hard work; building trusting business partnerships insures that when I need a door opened my senior vice president or the director of engineering will be there for me.

Happy hunting,

Joseph Litvin

Improving recruitment, one candidate at a time

CSP features Vipe!

I just returned from the monthly California Staffing Professionals Silicon Valley Chapter’s monthly lunch and discussion. Besides some great networking we were all treated to a Web 2.0 presentation by Adam Peterson, CEO of Adam shared many secrets to help us market ourselves, our candidates,  and demonstrated his product. Adam’s solution is based on video clips that you tailor for your needs,  and it is definitely the cutting edge. One respected head-hunter gave a testimonial as he has been using the product for two years.  Check it out!

…AND don’t forget to check out the CSP a non-profit membership organization that provides products and services to its members within the staffing services industry.

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