Joseph Litvin

I am dedicated to improving talent acquisition one great candidate at a time. This is accomplished with a combination of internet savvy, people skills and business partnering with all of the players in the process.

My eye is always on customer service and I know that a diverse workforce is the key to brilliancy.  After seven years as an agency recruiter and the last three years inside a Fortune 100,  I now realize that hard work, smiling, having fun, and solving everyone else’s problems is the key to successful talent acquisition.

I have always thrived on closing the job searches that other recruiters had given up on closing.  My passion is in bringing top talent into the best companies, where my candidates stay for the long term.

The world continues to eat up all of the talented engineers that we can grow.  If you are a hiring manager I am here to help you recruit top notch engineers, if you are a top notch engineer I am here to put  you where you will be happy and be mentally stimulated.

Parents,  forget about telling your kids to clean their plates, tell them to do their math homework!  We need all of the engineers that we can get our hands on!


Joseph Litvin
Improving technical recruitment, one candidate at a time


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