3 steps from working at Riverbed Technology!

You are 3 steps from working at Riverbed Technology!

Full time positions – Work onsite in Sunnyvale or San Francisco,California

80 of the 100 largest corporations in the world are using Riverbed’s Steelhead appliance http://www.riverbed.com/us/products/steelhead_appliance/

Our Research & Development / Cloud team is seeking talented software developers who are strong in C, C++, Python, Perl, and Javascript.  We are a Linux / Open Source environment and need programmers to create and support new products for the cloud.

Need a job? Looking for an exciting career? Start-up type environment.


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Run applications up to 100 times faster over your WAN, reduce network traffic by up to 95%, and collaborate anywhere as if you were in the same room- you can! Riverbed Technology is the IT infrastructure performance company. The Riverbed family of wide area network (WAN) optimization solutions and end to end network and application visibility liberates businesses from common IT constraints.

1              C/C++ Developer Configuration Management

2              C/C++ Developer Linux/Networking

3              Javascript/Python Development Web User Interface

4              QA Engineer Network Integration

Job Descriptions

ONE       Software Engineer – Configuration Management (New Products)

  • Design software including appliance configuration management and control systems.
  • Development responsibilities include multiple layers from the OS to the UI, user interface.
  • Market product requirements, release product on time and ensure successful shipping of projects.
  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science preferred
  • 3-5 years of software engineering experience or equivelant degrees
  • C/C++ programming
  • Multi-threaded programming
  • Linux/UNIX system level programming and platform knowledge
  • Debugging tools including GDB
  • Prefer experience in networking and protocols
  • Prefer experience in storage related protocols such as CIFS, NFS, iSCSI
  • Prefer experience in Python

TWO      Software Engineer – Linux/Networking

Responsible for the design, implementation and maintenance of the network integration part of Riverbed Technology’s products. Will work with a team to implement the features that allow our products to work with the diverse networks our customer have, from a small office to a large redundant data center. Familiar with linux kernel programming and networking in general. Requires a BS in CS/EE with at least 2 years of programming experience. MS preferred.

Desired Skills:

  • Strong C/C++, Assembly
  • Experience with programming Linux kernel modules and device drivers
  • Experience with Linux TCP/IP stack
  • Knowledge of socket programming, multithreaded programming
  • Knowledge of TCP/IP.
  • Familiar with Routers, Switches, NAT devices, Proxies, Firewalls

Three    Software Engineer – Web User Interface

Experience and Requirements must include:

  • Bachelors degree in Computer Science or Engineering Degree
  • Min 2 years exp in the UI design and Software Engineering
  • We’re seeking applicants who have a strong technical background and a passion for user experience.  We want you to be a key player in the UI design so you must enjoy sketching many iterations of wireframes and workflows
  • Our code is written in Python and JavaScript so familiarity with those languages is beneficial (but not strictly required)
  • Preference will be given to candidates who have a strong portfolio of interaction design work.

Four       QA Engineer Network Integration

Seeking mid to senior level QA engineers to work on our Cloud Steelhead product which accelerates access to cloud services like IaaS and SaaS.  Our Steelhead product solves these bandwidth and latency issues using the same award winning technology found in our market leading Steelhead appliances which are used in data centers all over the world today.  This candidate will be working on not only the Cloud Steelhead but also Riverbed’s Cloud Portal which provides an easy way to manage Cloud Steelhead deployments.

The QA Engineer/Software Engineer will have a solid background in IP network device testing, and with recent experience in scripting and/or programming (Perl, Python, PHP, TCL, Ruby, C/C++, Java, etc). The position requires a significant amount of time programming (automating tests or developing tools to assist in testing). We believe that delivering a quality product requires an investment in good software tools and automation, adds to the challenge of QA engineering, and we want to hire people who share this belief.


  • Develop, extend, execute, and analyze regression, functional and performance test plans and automation for our products and network integration components.
  • Utilize understanding of networks and network protocols, as well as programming skills, to analyze TCP/IP network traces to find implementation problems, compliance problems, and performance problems with the network integration components of the Riverbed appliance.
  • Identify, setup, test, and troubleshoot various permutations of software/hardware/network configurations.
  • Develop tools, scripts, and programs to implement test automation, using a powerful collection of in-house frameworks and tools and a fully VLAN-switched lab.


  • Strong experience with Perl, Python, PHP, TCL, Ruby, C/C++, or Java scripting and/or programming.
  • Strong experience with IP networking and protocols (TCP/IP, GRE, WCCP, Policy-based routing, L4 switching, etc).
  • Strong experience working with networking appliances devices and tools (managed switches, routers, caches, Wireshark, Ixia,Spirent Smartbits, etc).
  • Strong logical debugging skills.
  • Strong attention to detail.
  • Good written communication and documentation skills.
  • Experience with Linux/Unix.

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Game Developers Hi5 is hot

Hi5 – the Shining Star at The Game Developers Conference

March 10, 2010 – San Francisco, CA – Moscone Center

Alex St. John presented Hi5’s business model to an overcrowded room of 200-300 game developers in a private presentation yesterday at the GDF.  I was in awe of  Alex’s depth, strategy and business model, a social gaming platform that offers developers the opportunity and backing to make a buck with the support of a team of pros.  One caveat, game developers need to be able to develop games that “don’t suck”.

Mr. St. John’s presentation offered a future for game developers, analogous to Zumba “it’s a party not exercise”; developers can have fun and make money!  Hi5 has a powerful team to back up gaming developers.

Hi5’s presentation showed Facebook as boring as going to church and Hi5 like clubbing all night long! In Hi5’s virtual reality you don’t have to worry who is watching, you are someone else in a virtual reality social game site!  Check it out!

I tested the analogy on a couple of teenage gamers when I got home. I guided them to the Hi5 site, sat back and observed.  They went wild, it WAS a party! They were laughing and even rolling on the floor.  “Hobo Prison Brawl” was easy to navigate and loaded in a few seconds.  I wasn’t especially pleased with what the prisoners were doing to each other, but this is not church, this is online social gaming! Hi5 IS more like a party! Want to go to church?  Log on to Facebook.  Wanna go clubbing and party all night long? Log on to Hi5!

Hi5 offers developers:

  • Free promotion to 50 million users
  • Revenue share on virtual currency and ads
  • Access to over 60 payment methods worldwide
  • Super-charged viral channels
  • New APIs that minimize integration work

Hi5 is a gaming site that offers fun to the public and a chance for developers to grow and get rich.  The SF Business Times noted that Hi5 recently acquired Big Six for an undisclosed amount and that the Big Six founders, Kevin Gliner, Monty Kerr and Chad Hansing are moving to SF.  SF should roll out the red carpet for this type of talent. Mayor Gavin Newsom, how about a key to the city for Hi5?

Alex has assembled the dream team:

  • Dave Long, CEO & Co-founder, Exponential Entertainment
  • Steve Victorino, President & COO, Immortal Games
  • Matt Wilson, Founder, Detonator Games
  • Kevin Kanarek, Online Content & Strategy Guru
  • Lou Moore, Director of Engineering

Game developers the message is this, do you understand LARPING, know how to develop games with great content that are multi-player, connectable on the social graph with Flash and Java?  Then partner with Hi5 and you have a shot at fame and fortune! Game developers, get busy, create games that “don’t suck” and start working with Hi5!

Joseph Litvin, Senior Recruiter & Strategist
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CSP features Vipe!

I just returned from the monthly California Staffing Professionals Silicon Valley Chapter’s monthly lunch and discussion. Besides some great networking we were all treated to a Web 2.0 presentation by Adam Peterson, CEO of http://www.vipepower.com. Adam shared many secrets to help us market ourselves, our candidates,  and demonstrated his product. Adam’s solution is based on video clips that you tailor for your needs,  and it is definitely the cutting edge. One respected head-hunter gave a testimonial as he has been using the product for two years.  Check it out! www.vipepower.com.

…AND don’t forget to check out the CSP www.cspnet.org a non-profit membership organization that provides products and services to its members within the staffing services industry.

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California Staffing Professionals Silicon Valley Chapter, what a breath of fresh air!

I just returned from the monthly California Staffing Professionals Silicon Valley Chapter’s monthly lunch and discussion. It was well worth the trip, what a breath of fresh air! This non-profit membership organization provides products and services to its members within the staffing services industry. There was quality networking time with top recruiters from the major agencies, independent recruiters and boutique agencies, and the icing on the cake was a panel of Senior Talent Acquisition folks: Talent Manager, Cepheid, Director of HR, Embassy Suites – Monterey Bay – Seaside, Senior Talent Engagement Manager, Plantronics, and Senior Talent Engagement Manager, Cisco.

Major tips from the panel of Senior Talent folks to the recruiters included: recruiters – slow down in our pitches & messages and learn to build relationships by being strategic rather than tactical. There was general agreement that response time for resume iteration needs to be quick and staffing managers agreed that they are more than happy to” push back” to hiring managers in order for the process to be effective.  Recruiters be patient! Don’t give up after your first business development call, try to be personal rather than robotic by leaving clear & concise messages, and say your phone number   s.l.o.w.l.y.

The recruitersrecruiter was a bit surprised that the panel members don’t Tweet, but I’m sure it won’t be long until they realize that Twitter is a great / free way to advertise their companies.

This was my first trip to the Silicon Valley CSP but you can bet that I’ll be going back next month when the CEO of VIPE, inc. will be sharing Web 2.0 secrets. I bet even the recruitersrecruiter will learn something ;*)

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They’re Just Not that Into You

…or are they?

I read a recent article on Yahoo / Hot Jobs about the top six reasons companies may not be responding to your online resume submission, besides the fact that many people are applying for every job.

1. They’re just not that into you.

2. They may be into you, as soon as they get to you.

3. They would have been into you if you had followed directions.

4. They might be into you if you apply for a more appropriate job.

5. Your presentation could use some work.

6. There isn’t any job.

You can see the entire article at the following link:

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