A world leader by hiring talented programmers

Check out Riverbed, Products & Solutions a world leader by hiring talented programmers.  Contact me and if you request a programming challenge (PGs) from me it will speed up your search like our WAN Optimization (Steelhead).  If you complete one of our PGs and then call me you will be a step ahead of the other applicants.  Looking forward to speaking with you. 

Now check out a few of our open jobs, Google (Glassdoor AND riverbed) and get excited about working for the company who invented Wireshark, Steelhead, Whitewater, Granite, Opnet, Cascade, and more! Local Bay Area company does good with campuses in Sunnyvale and San Francisco.


  1. Software Engineer Filesystems – Sunnyvale, CA  or San Francisco 4647
  2. Lab Engineer – Oakland or San Francisco – Junior Systems Administrator 4704
  3. C++ Developer with Linux Skills, Sunnyvale, CA or San Francisco 4661
  4. Software Engineer Test – Sunnyvale or San Francisco CA 4720
  5. QA Engineer – Customer Projects – Sunnyvale or San Francisco 4669
  6. Software Developer – Network Management, Sunnyvale or San Francisco 4728
  7. Lead Software Developer Network Management, San Francisco or Sunnyvale 4726
  8. Software Developer – DevOps, Sunnyvale or San Francisco 4725
  9. QA Mgr – Hands-on Automation, San Francisco or Sunnyvale 4702
  10. QA Developer – Sunnyvale or San Franci

Joseph Litvin, R & D
Direct Dial Desk: 415-247-6340
Mobile: 925-817-0563
Email: Joe.Litvin@riverbed.com


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