Riverbed Technology seeks a user experience designer for our web UI team

Contact Joe.Litvin@riverbed.com 415.247.6340 Riverbed makes a set of rack-mounted router-like devices which improve network performance. These devices have numerous configurations, and they retain complex data about their performance and the network traffic passing through them. To make these configurations and reports available to the network administrators who control our appliances, the devices have their own built-in web servers which serve up a complex application for those controls and data which users can access using a browser front end.

The team building that application consists of several web application developers building the various web pages, working with a UX designer who specifies the interaction design for new controls and functions (and as well as revisions to existing ones). Riverbed is looking to grow the UX design team.

A candidate for the position must have interaction design skills
• Solving interface problems for complex controls
• Analyzing users’ workflow
• Defining information visualization for complex data
A candidate for the position must have fundamental technical skills
• Able to dialogue effectively with front- and back-end developers
• Able to understand problems in a complex technical domain (networking)
• Able to work on application design with web interface limitations
A candidate for the position must have design communication skills
• Drawing design solutions ranging from deliberately vague wireframes to pixel-plausible mock-ups
• Writing behavior specifications at varying levels of detail, ranging from rough to exhaustive
• Explaining and justifying design decisions to a range of organizational stakeholders
An ideal candidate for the position would also have additional skills
• Conducting ethnographic-style user research, interviewing users to understand their skills, needs, and goals
• Refining and communicating user needs in terms of user personas and functional requirements
• Identifying opportunities for usability testing, and conducting tests
• Creating finished image assets for use as icons and other visual interface elements
• Coherent visual design for software interfaces
• Experience with software development processes
• Web implementation skills (HTML/CSS/Ajax)
• Software skills in Adobe Fireworks


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