Riverbed Technology allows enterprises to successfully and intelligently implement strategic initiatives such as virtualization, consolidation, cloud computing, and disaster recovery without fear of compromising performance.

We have exciting full time job opportunities at Riverbed Technology in San Francisco and Sunnyvale, California. We are now the world leader in I.T. performance products. Need proof that this is a cool place to work? 23 of the original 25 developers of who created our first product 10 years ago, still work here today! Need more proof? Most of the fortune 500 have our products. Need more? We had the most successful IPO in the history of the valley four years ago. Need more? We have never lost money in ANY quarter for ten solid years! We love it here; this is a great place to work!

Full Time Job Opportunities
1. Senior Software Engineer – Configuration Management (New Products )
2. Senior Software Engineer – Storage and Cloud Computing
3. QA Software Engineer – Network Management Tools
4. User Experience Designer – Core Development Team
5. Software Engineer – Web User Interface – Advanced Development

Check out a few of our products and then contact me for immediate consideration:
Whitewater Cloud Storage Gateways
Granite Accelerate Branch Access to Data Center Storage Area Networks
Steelhead WAN Optimization – The Industry’s Undisputed Leader
Cascade Application-aware network performance management


Joseph (Joey) Litvin
Riverbed Technology
phone 415.247.6340
email Joe.Litvin@riverbed.com

1. Software Engineer – Configuration Management (New Products – Advanced Development Team)

Excited by Virtualization? We live that. Know or want to know Networking? You can do that. Cloud Storage Software? Of course. Big time.

This position will be responsible for software design and development in the areas of appliance configuration management and control systems. Will have responsibilities spanning multiple layers from the operating system all the way up to the user interface. Will market product requirements, release product on time and ensure successful shipping of projects. Requires at least a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and 5+ years of software engineering experience.

Should have:
• C/C++ programming
• Multi-threaded programming
• Linux/UNIX system level programming and platform knowledge
• Debugging using a variety of tools including GDB.
• Experience in networking and protocols a plus.
• Experience in storage related protocols such as CIFS, NFS, iSCSI.
• Experience in Python a plus.

2. Senior Software Engineer-Storage and Cloud Computing

Riverbed is seeking several talented engineers with a deep interest in managing large amounts of data across widely distributed environments this includes data repository design, network protocols, high availability, and storage design.

You will be part of a fast-paced and tightly-knit team which prides itself in its ability to deliver high-quality innovative systems in short time spans. These new products leverage Riverbed's proven expertise in the domains of storage, networking, virtualization, and file system optimization.

Your day to day responsibilities
• Designing, coding, and building critical components for early versions of a new product;
• Interfacing with customers and helping to determine the feature set for the next generation of the product.

Job Requirements:
• BS/MS/PhD in CS or EE
• Proven ability to write high-quality systems software in C and C++ and implement creative test infrastructure.
• Solid working knowledge of Unix based operating systems (file systems, networking and kernel internals).
• Enthusiastic, positive personality who should be self directed.
• The successful candidate will also have experience with one or several of the following:
• Experience with SAN and block storage access/protocols, such as iSCSI, FibreChannel, FCP, FCoE, FCIP, etc, on the host or targe side.
• Experience with file systems internals and remote access protocols, such as NTFS, ext4, SMB/CIFS, NFS.
• Multi-threaded systems programming
• Asynchronous event model programming
• Performance analysis and optimization
• Scalable external data structures
• Distributed systems and high-availability
• Design experience exposing APIs

3. QA Software Engineer-Network Management Tools

Want to break systems that capture, analyze, and diagnose network packets at multi-gigabit rates? Excited to help establish a brand new QA team with state of the art tools at your disposal? Interested in working side by side with the team that built Wireshark? Ready to work on something big?

Become a member of the Cascade Shark Appliance / Cascade Pilot Quality Assurance team.

You’ll be working on serious software that over 75 of the 100 biggest global companies put in the core of their networks. You’ll be surrounded by experts in the field, but be empowered to forge your own path. You’ll have the right tools – from a hands-off, fully-automated lab with a few thousand machines at your disposal, to support libraries and systems that let you concentrate on development, not the trivial stuff. You can run Mac OS, Windows, or Linux with double monitors, your favorite ergo keyboard, or most anything else — we don't care. And most importantly, you’ll have new challenges at every turn.

In a nutshell, we’re a focused and nimble small team without a lot of "Big Company" baggage.

You will:

• Join a growing QA team to test a screaming-fast distributed packet capture and analysis system.
• Work with and extend automated test frameworks and harnesses written in Python, Perl, and C#.
• Integrate new products into the various automated frameworks used by the QA team.
• Create, execute, and maintain test plans for various features of the products.

You should:
• Solid technical background with a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in CS/CE/EE or a related field
• Relevant QA experience in an established engineering organization.
• Provable design and programming skills in scripting languages like Perl, Python, or TCL
• An understanding of QA methodologies and an ability to design test cases to provide full coverage of new and legacy features.
• Experience building or extending automated test frameworks and harnesses.

You should:
• Driven and motivated to accomplish your goals both independently and as part of the team
• Excellent at verbal communication and written documentation
• Able to approach complex problem-solving and troubleshooting tasks with creativity
• Quick to learn new technologies and methodologies
• Willing and highly capable of providing manual test coverage for areas of the product that are not good candidates for automation.

Bonus points:
• Experience automating Web Based User Interfaces and/or .NET Windows applications
• Previously used open source or home grown tools to emulate real network based applications
• Experience with IP traffic generators (Layers 3 through 7) such as Ixia IxLoad or SmartBits Avalanche
• An ability to successfully analyze and debug network issues with Wireshark or other packet analysis tools
• Working knowledge of major IP infrastructure products such as firewalls, routers and switches

4. User Experience Designer

Riverbed Technology seeks a user experience designer for our web UI team

Riverbed makes a set of rack-mounted router-like devices which improve network performance. These devices have numerous configurations, and they retain complex data about their performance and the network traffic passing through them. To make these configurations and reports available to the network administrators who control our appliances, the devices have their own built-in web servers which serve up a complex application for those controls and data which users can access using a browser front end.

The team building that application consists of several web application developers building the various web pages, working with a UX designer who specifies the interaction design for new controls and functions (and as well as revisions to existing ones). Riverbed is looking to grow the UX design team.

You Should:
• Interaction design skills
• Solving interface problems for complex controls
• Analyzing users' workflow
• Defining information visualization for complex data
• Fundamental technical skills
• Able to dialogue effectively with front- and back-end developers
• Able to understand problems in a complex technical domain (networking)
• Able to work on application design with web interface limitations
• Design communication skills
• Drawing design solutions ranging from deliberately vague wireframes to pixel-plausible mock-ups
• Writing behavior specifications at varying levels of detail, ranging from rough to exhaustive
• Explaining and justifying design decisions to a range of organizational stakeholders

You May:
• Conducting ethnographic-style user research, interviewing users to understand their skills, needs, and goals
• Refining and communicating user needs in terms of user personas and functional requirements
• Identifying opportunities for usability testing, and conducting tests
• Creating finished image assets for use as icons and other visual interface elements
• Coherent visual design for software interfaces
• Experience with software development processes
• Web implementation skills (HTML/CSS/Ajax)
• Software skills in Adobe Fireworks

5. Software Engineer – Software Engineer – Web User Interface – San Francisco

Riverbed delivers its technology on custom/semi-custom network appliances. We tend to use industry standard technologies and rely on reputable suppliers for ODM/JDM partnerships.

Experience and Requirements:
• Bachelors degree in Computer Science or Engineering Degree
• Min 2 years exp in the UI design and Software Engineering
• Strong technical background and a passion for user experience. We want you to be a key player in the UI design so you must enjoy sketching many iterations of wire-frames and workflows.
• Our code is written in Python and JavaScript so familiarity with those languages is beneficial (but not strictly required). Preference will be given to candidates who have a strong portfolio of interaction design work.

Riverbed allows enterprises to successfully and intelligently implement strategic initiatives such as virtualization, consolidation, cloud computing, and disaster recovery without fear of compromising performance.


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