Monster swallows and Dice rolls

Dice has come out with a revolutionary tool that may change the way job boards operate. Dice hosted NextTek to celebrate its new beta product, a new social media tool and treat their candidates to a great evening. Monster, the 500 pound Goliath may be too busy swallowing HotJobs to even take note.  Dice beta promises to connect hiring managers and recruiters with a Twitter type social media communications tool.  Only time will tell if it succeeds.  I for one will be watching.  I  predict that Dice will be the first and then Monster or Google will come in for the kill.  A textbook tactic, reminds me of 1997 when Phillip Morris, Sara Lee and Noah crushed The Bagel King and the Bay Area lost its only real bagel.

Meanwhile, 70 companies are currently testing Dice’s Beta,  check it out at it is live as we speak.  Will social media revolutionize the job boards or will candidates tweet us into oblivion?

Being the only recruiter at NextTek I felt like a rooster in the hen house! Where were all the other recruiters? One of the big takeaways from the Nexttek luminaries was the future holds a marriage of reality and technology. The recruiters who did not turn out better think twice next time Dice hosts an event, the message is leave your technology when the opportunity for face to face is offered! Dice offered a tasty buffet, no host bar, and the opportunity to network with hundreds of candidates, face to face in a very relaxed atmosphere.  The Dice sales team and executives flew out all the way from Iowa. If this were not enough, Dice raffled off six Amazon Kindels and six Apple i-pods and I WON A KINDEL! Thanks Dice. It pays to have your resume on Dice!

Check out Dice’s new Beta version and be sure to click on the links below and  check the four speakers predictions, they are all brilliant. I’m following all four of them on Twitter.

Thank you Dice for hosting a great event and good luck with your Beta version! Keep those dice a rolling, Monster is way too busy swallowing Hotjobs to even know what you are up to!


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