The Recruiters of Walnut Creek, California

Four local recruiting giants met at Genoa Deli in Downtown Walnut Creek, CA today for an enjoyable lunch and an hour of sharing recruiting best practices. Of course the latest industry news and sharing some of our “secret tricks” on how we are staying afloat amidst a deep recession had to come into the discussion! Everyone agreed to come back and speak to the group about their area of expertise.

  • Bob Mannina specializes in staffing strategy and process. Bob consults to all sizes of companies and assists them in recruiting  I.T. and Supply Chain Execs.  Bob attributes his success in Talent Acquisition to his passion, building relationships. Bob promised to come back and share tips on “How to build relationships that will help you to seal every offer”
  • Connie Pinilla, a successful full desk recruiter whose claim to fame is extremely high volume environments. Connie has the ability to successfully carry over 100 reqs in complex corporate environments, keep everything moving, successfully closing within the right time constraints. Connie agreed to come back and share tips on “Methods to successfully carrying over 100 job requisitions.”
  • Janice Litvin Founding Director of  MicrosearchSF was  a prior software developer with a degree in math who brought her technical expertise into her executive recruiting and research firm. Janice has recently launched a successful web based business zumbacontracosta by using self-help Search Engine Optimization SEO and Search Engine Marketing SEM books. She continues to move traffic to and engage and sell new people. They are moving to her websites without paying a dime to Google!  Janice has promised to come back and give us her expert advice on how we can use her techniques to bring web traffic to our sites without paying Google!
  • Joseph Litvin, The Recruiters’ Recruiter has promised to share and preview some of the latest gadgets and internet tips that allow him to continue to source and find candidates for all of the searches that the other recruiters have given up on. For example: Clinical Regulatory Affairs people with a specialty in monoclonal antibodies, I bet you won’t find these types on!  I promise to share some of my new techniques that I have been using on Zoom, Jigsaw and Gist to source the unsourcable, for free!

For directions to our next lunch Tweet me on Twitter, my Twitter “handle” is iamJoeRecruiter”. Click on follow me and I’ll tweet you back the “secret address” of our next lunch.

The Recruiters of Walnut Creek, California. Our next lunch will be Wednesday March 24, 2010 @ 11:29 AM


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