Recruiters get a shave and a haircut while screening candidates IN PERSON!

Though I doubt this is bye bye to Linkedin it was a blast to attend a face to face social networking event last night sponsored by CEO, Mark Thomas. Hosted at MR. The Barbershop a bar, lounge & barbershop in San Francisco. Thank you Mark Thomas!

Only Fog City could offer a recruiter a haircut and a shave while screening candidates face to face. At this real versus virtual job fair I met some of the brightest candidates free: an MBA, a Social Networking Guru who gave me some Twitter tricks I’ll share with you at a later time, a Wealth Management Business Developer, a Java Engineer, a Technical Writer, and a Project Manager. The two hours went by so fast I missed a lot of them!

The highlight of the evening was my conversation with Mark Thomas, CEO of Hireability. This fresh young start-up has a recruiting concept that may revolutionize Talent Acquisition. They offer hiring managers a solution that charges a flat fee by the interview. Hireability does your posting, screening and provides metrics on the whole schpeil for a cost that CEO Mark Thomas claims is less than a Craigs’ List posting.

Talent Acquisition Managers, Staffing Consultants, Recruiters and direct Hiring managers may wish to consider that a new recruiting model might be coming down the pike, fees based on interviews not on hires!

Joseph Litvin
The Recruiters’ Recruiter TM
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One thought on “Recruiters get a shave and a haircut while screening candidates IN PERSON!

  1. It was great meeting you in-person at the Wiki Social event. Sounds like you are working with interesting (and growing) organizations in the area. I’m really looking forward to working with you and thanks for all of the job search ideas and feedback, too!

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