Robots Replacing Recruiters?

Future Trends

As a result of Talent Acquisition now setting up computerized gatekeepers in the form of online questionnaires, candidates applying for jobs now screen themselves out if they answer incorrectly.  Recruiters will need to increase the breadth of their skills in the hard sciences in order to survive.  Recruiters’ toolboxes need to grow and include Math, Psychology, Statistics and Computer Science if they wish to survive.

Is there hope?

Yes, There is Hope For A Brighter Future!

Scientific recruiters of today and the future need to couple good old fashioned business partnering skills with their new found ‘hard science’ skills to be successful.  Mathematical recruiters use statistics and their other new found skills to provide their managers with real time metrics. Managers will be able to walk the walk of Workforce Planning rather than just talking the talk. Workforce Planning can become a reality rather then just a pipedream when recruiters learn to marry the science with the art and Talent Acquisition will reap the rewards.

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Joseph Litvin

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