Get a Job! e-Scout Shares His Secrets

Joseph Litvin

I was recruited into the #1 utility in America after a decade of recruiting and sourcing. What a challenge to source and recruit for all six business units in a 23,000-employee, $20 billion company.

My role is to find the candidates that don’t apply to my company’s website. The corporate recruiters and hiring managers have exhausted all of their resources. This is where I come in with my e-tools and social networks. My view from the inside may help you.

Rather than drive around, my spiders (developed by Intelligent Algorithms, Broadlook, and AIRS) crawl the internet in search of candidates via the major boards (Monster, Dice, Hotjobs, CareerBuilder, Craig’s List), and social networking sites (Linkedin, Facebook, MySpace). Leverage my “view from the inside” into your job search.

The goal here is to get you on the inside in these hard times!

Your resume is scanned by human and auto-tools in just a few seconds using algorithms made up of Boolean strings, based on the keywords in your resume. Do you have the right keywords? Start researching ‘Boolean’ on Wikipedia so you will better understand how to have your keywords attract the spiders and bots.

But, before you leave, post a comment here so that someone else in our “village” will come up with an idea or brainstorm that will put your job search into overdrive.

5 thoughts on “Get a Job! e-Scout Shares His Secrets

  1. Are you going to add more posts? I keep coming back to see what other words of wisdom you have for people looking for jobs – to help us get the inside track – to hear from someone on the “other side”.

    • Choiliz,
      Thanks for your reply, I will be adding more “words of wisdom” as you say. Where are you in your job search at this time? Perhaps I could speak directly to a challenge you are having at this time in the hopes of being able to help.

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